Gigi was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where she lived most of her life on the Eastside of Hollywood in an area littered with donut shops, gas stations and graffiti. She played first violin in a junior orchestra, and second violin at school. Gigi was ten years old in seventh grade, the youngest at LeConte Junior High (and quite possibly the shortest and chubbiest – check out her Facebook picture); her growth spurt wouldn’t come until three years later – by that time, her personality was set.


Her childhood was brightened when she was voted Class Clown at LeConte Junior High.

Gigi was a student at Hollywood High where she gave up the violin to become a cheerleader – quite the career move. Gigi was known for having the loudest mouth. She was voted Class Legs in her senior year after what she surmises as much deliberation on behalf of her fellow students.

Gigi attended U.C.L.A. where she majored in Political Science and clubbing. She never joined a sorority as (a) she couldn’t afford to, and (b) could not stand authority, especially in the form of smug rich kids. When asked what “house” she was in by frat boys, she replied, “My mother’s house.”

In her senior year, she took the LSAT in order to apply to law school. At the same time, Gigi was working for legendary TV guru, Fred Silverman, who offered her a title and raise to dissuade her from further education. The offer worked. Gigi stayed with Fred for eight years, developing and writing television shows.

In the meantime, she married an African-American/Blackfoot Indian/Italian blues musician and subsequently affixed a giant poster of Jimi Hendrix on the living room wall. They lived in South L.A. in the late ’80s with their four huge dogs and a shotgun, where Gigi was known as the “crazy white bitch down the street.”

Gigi and her husband separated after three years. She moved to the Fairfax District of Los Angeles and developed a strong relationship with Canter’s Deli (chicken soup) and Formosa Café (mai tais). She signed up for membership at Sports Club L.A., and spent several years at the “disco” before becoming a reformed funk-aerobicist.

After her divorce, Gigi wrote a spec feature script which was optioned. She found happiness living in an apartment with no furniture except for a bed on the floor, a Radio Shack computer, and a card table.

Gigi met her future husband, Brian Grazer, by accident at Orlando-Orsini on Pico at a lunch with a Playboy executive. She had seen him earlier in a magazine entwined with a supermodel and so, upon meeting him, took great pleasure in deriding his taste in women. Her future husband seemed to like this. She had a first date with Brian the following Friday- they each drank one-and-a-half margaritas – which kept them together for 17 years. They have since divorced but remain good friends and are happily raising their family together.

She is a proud mother of two young boys, proud stepmother to two grown children, and proud auntie to three nephews and one niece.

Gigi Levangie Grazer has written numerous screenplays, among them the movie Step-mom, starring Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon. Her first novel, Rescue Me , was published by Simon and Schuster in June 2000. Her next novel, Maneater, was published by Simon and Schuster in June 2003. The Starter Wife, her third novel, was published in June 2005. Her fourth novel, Queen Takes King, was published in June 2009. Her fifth novel, The After Wife, was released July 10, 2012 from Random House.

Her latest and 6th novel Seven Deadlines will be published October 17th 2013 by Blue Rider Press.
And yes, she is tired.